Budget vetoes seen as less likely in Gov. Scott’s second year

Gov. Rick Scott says he doesn’t expect to come “anywhere close” to  last year’s record $615 million in budget vetoes as he wraps up his review  of the legislature’s new $70 billion spending plan.

Scott attributed his anticipated lighter touch with the veto pen to  legislators getting the message last year. The first-year governor was  intent on reducing state spending and curbing the age-old practice of  powerful legislators steering money back home.

It hasn’t completely worked. But legislators and lobbyists have done a better  job convincing him of the merits of some items, he said.

“One of the groups that did well coming back with more information this  year was public television stations,” Scott said. “I said, ‘Go  back and show us that there was a return on the money we are spending.’ And  they did.”

Go to The Palm Beach Post online to read the full story by John Kennedy, Staff Writer: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/state/budget-vetoes-seen-as-less-likely-in-gov-2290654.html


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