fpbs-education-guide-buttonFPBS member stations have been an educational resource to the citizens of Florida for more than 40 years. We provide accessible, diverse, family-friendly and Florida-focused content through community engagement, online resources and tools, and programming. Our educational initiatives reach more than 18 million people in the state.

Florida PBS LearningMedia

Florida’s public broadcasting stations have launched Florida PBS LearningMedia. The free and innovative digital education service developed to support curriculum-based teaching and learning from pre-K through college. In addition to providing unprecedented access to a comprehensive library of high quality programming resources from PBS and other public media producers, this next-generation platform features open source technologies that enable customization to curriculum needs at classroom, school district and state education agency levels. Florida PBS LearningMedia currently deploys more than 14,000 digital learning objects selected by teams of content experts, curriculum specialists and classroom teachers to address the challenges and opportunities of education in the 21st century. Resources are tagged by subject and grade level, aligned to national and Common Core State Standards, and presented within hierarchies of commonly taught topical areas. The content collection features video footage, audio clips, interactive, photographs, animations, interviews and graphics derived from such television programs as NOVA, PSB NewsHour and Between the Lions, as well as rich-media content from trusted sources as NPR, the National Archieves and the Library of Congress. All public television stations in Florida are working collaboratively on this project. For more information on Florida PBS LearningMedia visit

Martha Speaks Reading Buddies Project

The Martha Speaks Reading Buddies Project was funded by the 2012 Florida Legislature through Florida’s Department of Education. This initiative being undertaken by Florida’s thirteen public television stations, works with select Florida schools to implement a 10 session cross-age reading program. Utilizing the Martha Speaks television series the Martha Speaks Reading Buddies program is an innovative way for kindergarten, first and upper-level elementary students to increase their vocabulary, develop their self-esteem and social skills, and enhance their love of books and reading. To access the Martha Speaks Reading Buddies Training click here.

American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen

American Graduate is a public media initiative designed to address the dropout crisis within Florida’s communities.  The project helps convene conversations and strengthen partnerships between public broadcasting stations and local schools, and businesses and community organizations to help students stay on the path to a high school diploma. Public media resources are focused on this project nationally through initiatives like StoryCorp’ National Teachers Initiative, PBS NewsHour, NPR and Tavis Smiley Reports: Too Important to Fail. Five stations in Florida are working collaboratively on this project. For more information visit

StateImpact Florida

This pilot journalism project is focused on examining how education policies made by state government impact lives, communities and the economy, and telling the story through explanatory, data-driven reporting. The initiative is designed to fill the void that’s been created in statewide and local reporting by the downsizing of print reporters and wire services that have traditionally reported on the statehouse. State capitols are truly the hives of American democracy with decisions on the uses of billions of dollars being made each year. The oversight provided by reporting keeps state governments accountable to the citizens. Four public broadcasting stations in Florida are working collaboratively on this initiative. For more information about StateImpact Florida visit

PBS Teacherline

Recognized for its excellence by the U.S. Distance Learning Association, PBS Teacherline provides high-quality online professional development for educators and school districts. Standards-based, graduate-level courses offer teachers professional development opportunities they need in an accessible online format that makes learning fun, flexible and collaborative. Educators can earn graduate credit, PDPs or CEU. For more information about PBS Teacherline, visit