Emergency Management

FPBS member stations are a critical link in the state’s Emergency Management Network during a crisis. Through our statewide communications network and unique infrastructure, our stations provide key safety and evacuation information updates to residents during hurricanes and other natural disasters. We are equipped and prepared to stay on air during times of crisis.


Florida Public Radio Emergency Management Network (FPREN) is a collaboration of 13 public radio stations that provide pertinent information to 99 percent of Florida’s Florida evacuation route sign showing FPBS member stationpopulation during statewide emergencies. The network is equipped to remain on-air  during hurricanes and other natural disasters, and provides LIVE statewide coverage of breaking news from the Governor’s EOC Headquarters in Tallahassee via broadcast and mobile apps. It also delivers local and regional information during emergencies and is part of the national Emergency Alert System (EAS).

FPBS’s statewide infrastructure ensures easy access to information as listeners travel through the state during emergencies. All FM dial locations are located between 88 and 92, and state evacuation signage along evacuation routes identifies local public radio stations.

THE FPREN Storm Center provides localized hurricane, tropical storm and other serve weather information and serves the visually impaired.

The Florida Channel

During hurricane season and other states of emergency, The FLORIDA Channel broadcasts live coverage of briefings from the Emergency Operations Center in Tallahassee. All programming televised by The FLORIDA Channel is closed captioned for the hearing impaired.