Why We Matter: FPBS Return on Investment


2014 – 2015 Legislative appropriation: $5,913,081 

Value of services delivered by Florida Public Media stations: $113,499,828


For every dollar appropriated, Floridians received $19.19 in services.

These services include:

  • Broadcast of standards-based television programs proven to increase school readiness and social and emotional skills in children
  • Delivery of the Florida PBS LearningMedia and the Florida Channel
  • Training and outreach into schools and communities statewide
  • Online tools & resources and educational development that allow educators to earn CPU credits
  • The Florida Public Radio Emergency Network (FPREN), a collaboration of 13 public radio stations that provide pertinent information to 99% of Florida’s population during statewide emergencies

At a cost of twenty-nine cents per citizen, Florida Public Media programs are:

  • Adopted district-wide in counties across Florida
  • Reaching 99% of Florida’s homes with the Florida Channel’s gavel to gavel coverage of the Legislature
  • Providing teachers with PBS Teacherline, one of the best professional development services in the country
  • Creating statewide infrastructure to provide two-way backup communications for first responders
  • Keeping Floridians connected to emergency services and extreme weather updates in times of need


There is no replacement for public airwaves.  Commercial stations and cable are not structured to share more than 40,000 hours of standards-based, research-proven, educational programming into homes, classrooms and daycare centers across the state.