WFSU SciGirls

SciGirls WFSU Mag Lab

Launched in 2006, SciGirls WFSU Mag Lab is a two-week hands-on summer camp run by The National High Magnet Field Lab and WFSU that inspires middle and high school girls to pursue careers in science. SciGirls I and SciGirls II camps accept rising sixth graders through tenth graders as well as returning campers. SciGirls WFSU Mag Lab is an outreach partner ofSciGirls®, the national PBS television series and outreach program.

Scigirls, the national PBS television series, is an expansion and transformation of DragonflyTV’s outreach program. SciGirls’ multi-faceted, multi-platform approach is designed to meet girls where they gather:

On TV — TV—Each SciGirls episode follows a different group of enthusiastic, real SciGirls, who collaborate, communicate, engineer and discover. They’re accompanied by two animated characters—a determined SciGirl named Izzie and her best friend Jake, who tie the series together with their ongoing adventures.

Online — Izzie also stars as the webmaster of the SciGirls website, hosted on scigirls, one of the premiere educational destinations for young people on the Web. This site is a unique and safe science-centric social network, where girls can connect, create personal profiles and avatars, upload and share their science projects and watch every episode.

On the Ground — The SciGirls outreach program offers parents and educators resources to help support their girls’ efforts. These materials, available on the PBS Parents and PBS Teachers portals at and, can be used to start new SciGirls Clubs or enhance existing educational initiatives.


For more information, visit the WFSU SciGirls Website:

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