The Association of Public Media in Florida Launches New Brand, Website

New name and graphics meant to better convey role of public broadcasting in the state of Florida

The association of public broadcasters in Florida announced today the organization has updated its brand. Formerly known as Florida Public Broadcasting Service, Inc. the organization has now changed its name to FPBS. With the new name, the association also has a new logo and website. 

“The new brand is intended to convey all that FPBS has to offer, including initiatives beyond traditional public broadcasting.” said Janyth Righter, Executive Director of FPBS. “These changes are a clear sign of our ongoing commitment to our member stations and the extensive services they provide to the communities in which they serve.”

FPBS member stations are involved with various project in the areas of education, public affairs and emergency management.   They partner with the state to provide valuable, cost-effective communications infrastructure, results-driven literacy & STEM educational initiatives, and quality statewide public affairs programming.

“These changes better exemplify the core mission of FPBS and its member stations: strengthening the community, empowering families and educating the public through public media and community outreach,” said Righter. “

About FPBS

FPBS is a non-profit association of public radio and public television stations in the state of Florida. As the largest broadcasting network in the state, we reach more than 99% of Florida’s population through traditional broadcast, online tools and community engagement. We are a state partner in education, emergency management and public affairs. Through our collaborative efforts, we identify and implement regional and statewide projects that enhance and sustain community initiatives that serve the citizens of Florida.  For more information, visit our website at


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